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Kristina SchaefferKristina Schaeffer, currently working through her third year of college to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, is a full time Legal Assistant at Massillamany Jeter & Carson LLP. Her work largely revolves around assisting the attorneys in office, and her daily agenda consists mainly of fulfilling obligations typical of an Administrative Assistant. These tasks may range from mailing, completing and filing paperwork, and researching, to assisting with correspondence, keeping records, scheduling consultations, and other assignments similar in nature.

Kristina possesses vast experience and knowledge working in administrative duties, having spent over ten years in differing customer relations roles. Because of this, she displays a certain element of compassion and dedication with all clients, potential or otherwise.

Kristina is a resident of Hamilton County. In her spare time, she enjoys bowling, playing poker, camping, traveling, and being with family