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Starting Simple: Do I Need a Will?

If you don’t have a will, most states presume that you want your estate to go to your next of kin.  Your next of kin is usually defined as your spouse.  Therefore, all of your possessions would go to your spouse if you died without a valid will (called,...
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Indiana’s New Second Chance Law

We all make mistakes in our youth. Sometimes even as adults. Luckily for us, the Indiana General Assembly just revised the expungement laws (Indiana Code 35-5-5.5 and 35-38-8, 9) to give Hoosiers a second chance. The Legislature understood that old arrests and convictions can...
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Indiana Boating While Intoxicated Laws: Reminder For Safe Summer Fun

Summer is now here in full swing, and its a great time of year to go out on one of the many Indiana lakes and other waterways and enjoy yourself with family and friends. Often, as part of these fun time we have in our boats and other personal water crafts, there is also food and...
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Indiana Texting While Driving Law: Results After One Year In Effect

Last year the Indiana legislature passed the no texting while driving law, which banned drivers from writing and reading texts or emails while driving. At the time the law was heralded by its proponents as sending a strong message to the public about the dangers of texting and...
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The Statutory Presumption Under the Indiana Products Liability Act

The Indiana General Assembly first enacted the Indiana Product Liability Act (“IPLA”) in 1978. It originally governed claims in tort, utilizing both negligence and strict liability theories. In 1983, the General Assembly amended it to apply only to strict liability actions. See...
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Successfully Protecting Your Business Interests

It has almost become standard practice for companies to require new employees to sign boilerplate non-compete agreements prior to beginning their employment. However, such agreements are often considered difficult to enforce. Indiana is one of many states that have expressed a...
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